Visa Digital Solutions video cover

Visa Digital Solutions video

Bluewave was contracted to create a short, motion graphics video that would introduce the digital payments process and highlight Visa’s innovative solutions. Starting with a creative brief, the Bluewave team wrote the script,...

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Facebook test: posting via 3rd party apps

When a few Facebook posts flopped (reach in the 10-30 range, when our average was in the 350s) on one of the accounts I manage (Seriously! a movie about play), we wondered what...

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Control envelope

Quick testing tips from traditional direct response marketing

In my previous life as an associate account executive at an advertising agency, my days were filled with performance metrics. I spent hours in Excel, even the most creative of team brainstorming sessions...

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Facebook test: posting later in the day

I’ve been managing the social media accounts for an upcoming documentary (Seriously! a movie about play) for about six months now, and in February my client and I noticed that a few Facebook posts...

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Social media analytics

I think in another life I could have been an economist. Data makes me feel safe and happy. Luckily, marketing is full of data, and if you treat social media as one of...

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Know your (social media) audience

One of my biggest mottos of social media is: do not annoy your friends. Or your “Friends.” It’s kind of like do no harm, and I think the fastest way to break the...

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