Producer/project manager in the San Francisco Bay Area desiring to use project management and communication skills to manage creative teams to produce quality media products on time and within budget.

I’m a problem-solving cat herder who revels in the challenge of managing a creative team to produce outstanding work. Budgets and schedules are my best friends, and together we love making everything fall into place amid the chaos of creativity.

I’ve always felt caught in the middle of a struggle between my right and left brain—equally compelled by the beauty of the arts and the logicality of the hard sciences. Throughout my undergraduate degree at Indiana University, I did my best to prepare myself for a career that bridged creativity and analytical thinking. I thought I had found that bridge in a position on the account side of an advertising agency, until one day I listened to an incredibly moving speech by Jill Bolte Taylor—a brain scientist who experienced and miraculously recovered from a debilitating stroke. She described a struggle between her own logical left and creative right brain as the stroke broke down her ability to focus and perform the tasks necessary to save her life.

As Jill expressed a peaceful sense of freedom when her right brain eventually won the struggle, I realized with a shock that perhaps I too was being oppressed by my own logical left brain. Then one dark day as I worked through a hefty database analysis for a client, I encountered some calculus–a fiend I had not met in at least four years. To my surprise and chagrin, I understood it. It was true, then: I had practiced using my left-brain skills and developed them so acutely that I now feared I was losing my ability to be artistic.

I chose to leave the too-logical world of clients and accounts to return to graduate school, with the goal of finding a better balance between my two brains, and to surround myself with creativity. In pursuing an M.S. degree at IU’s department of Telecommunications, I’ve tried to create a diversified course plan including classes on theory and practical application from Telecommunications, Library and Information Science, Communications and Culture and Business. By combining these courses with media projects that I can be personally passionate about, I am developing a broad understanding of creative industries, as well as a varied set of tools to apply to real creative products.